What is PVEV.net?

It is a website dedicated to encouraging people to "Go Solar and Drive Electric!"

What size PV system do I need to cover my mileage?

The table below shows PV system size in kilowatts for some plug-in vehicles based on 12,000 miles driving per year in select locations around the US:

The following table translates those kilowatt numbers into approximate numbers of 250W modules:

Will I save money compared to buying gas?

Typically, yes. The following table shows a 25mpg vehicle driver saving from 62% to 70% and even a Prius driver at 50mpg saving up to 39%!

Why the focus on Fast Chargers? Proliferating 110V outlets deserves high priority too.
Why the focus on Fast Chargers?

The Eighty Cent Kilowatt-hour - who is paying that much?
The Eighty Cent Kilowatt-hour

Notes regarding the book “Private Empire: ExxonMobil and American power” by Steve Coll (Pullitzer Prize-winning journalist)
Notes re: the book "Private Empire"

Notes regarding the book “Rooftop Revolution” by Danny Kennedy (President and Founder, Sungevity)
Notes re: the book "Rooftop Revolution"

Notes regarding the book “Why We Hate the Oil Companies” by John Hofmeister (former President, Shell Oil Company)
Notes re: the book "Why we Hate the Oil Companies"

Using Irreplaceable Resources - why is oil treated as if it is infinite?
Using Irreplaceable Resources

The Networked Hair-dryer Conference - fun regarding modest grid impacts of PV and EV
The Networked Hair-dryer Conference

How are you doing with your 2012 Prius PHEV?
The following graph shows our mileage numbers as we approached 2,500 miles on the odometer. As of 18th Jan 2113, we're now at 4,478 miles and lifetime average of 88 mpg!

How might PV grow over the next ten years?

The following graph shows PV installations per year up to 2012 and a trendline projected out ten years into the future. Who knows how this might pan out in reality given the huge growth in recent years but it's one mathematical projection and it shows us reaching 300GW per year in ten years.