400 ppm Carbon milestone ...May 2013
NASA scientists react to 400 ppm carbon milestone

BMW to offer EV + solar package ...26th Apr 2013
BMW i and SOLARWATT cooperate on sustainable charging solutions. Solar carport provides home solar charging for electric vehicles.

EV and PHEV registrations in European countries ...Apr 2013
Plug-in electric vehicle registrations total, 2011 and 2012.

Eight year warranty + unlimited miles for Tesla Model S ...26th Apr 2013
Tesla owners get 'no-fault' battery warranty

Cheapest Energy in Germany = PV + Storage ...30th Apr 2013
Cheapest Power source in Germany = PV+Storage

PG&E tops the SEPA Utility rankings for installed PV capacity ...Apr 2013
2012 SEPA Utility Solar Rankings

Volt drivers log 150 million electric miles ...9th Apr 2013
GM: Volt owners rack up high mileage, low fuel bills

DBT-CEV installs its 300th quick charger in Europe ...Apr 2013
DBT-CEV installs its 300th quick charger in Europe & gets ready for “Combo charging”

IHS: PV installs reached 32GW in 2012 worth $77 billion; 35GW forecast for 2013 ...22nd Jan 2013
IHS: PV installs reached 32GW in 2012 and 35GW forecasted for 2013

IRENA says "renewables have gone mainstream", "supported by a 'virtuous circle' of increasing deployment" and are "the default economic solution" for off-grid. ...2013
IRENA report: Renewable Power Generation Costs in 2012: An Overview
Solar Power Now Cheaper than Diesel

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission says almost half of new generation in US in 2012 from renewables ...22nd Jan 2013
Almost half of all new generating capacity installed in the United States during 2012 was renewable, a new report from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) has said.

European collaboration for optimal integration of EVs into electricity networks ...22nd Jan 2013
European collaboration to prepare networks for electric vehicles launched

Business owner saves ~$1,500 per month with LEAF ...17th Jan 2013
Recharging electric cars no big deal

Vote Solar Report: "benefits to ratepayers in SCE, PG&E, and SDG&E territories will total more than $90M every year" ...Jan 2013
Impacts of Net Metering in California

150MW FIT coming to Los Angeles ...15th Jan 2013
Inside L.A.'s Brand-New Solar Feed-In Tariff

2013 Leaf price falls to $29k ...14th Jan 2013
2013 Leaf price falls to $29k, almost as low as the hybrids

20 Nissan dealers in CA to get Quick Chargers by March 31st ...14th Jan 2013
Nissan Promises Dealership-Based EV Quick Charging

11GW of PV shipped in Q4 2012 according to IHS ...14th Jan 2013
Photovoltaic Module Shipments Surge in the Fourth Quarter of 2012

California Solar Initiative Installs 1 GW; statewide solar approaches 1.5GW; more than all but 5 countries ...14th Jan 2013
MILESTONE: California Solar Initiative Installs 1 GW On Rooftops

Norway to Launch the World's First Electric Ferry ...11th Jan 2013
Norway to Launch the World's First Electric Ferry; Will Take Only 10 Minutes to Recharge

PV covered 5.6% of Italian electricity demand in 2012 (renewables covered almost 25%) ...10th Jan 2013
PV covered 5.6% of Italian electricity demand in 2012

Improved 2013 US Leaf announced ...9th Jan 2013
2013 US Leaf has improved range, charging speed, and lower price

Mosaic connects 400 investors with its first four projects in less than 24 hours and raises $313,000 ...9th Jan 2013
Online Marketplace Sells Out First Public Solar Projects In Less Than A Day

Almost 16,000 EVs and PHEVs sold in CA since March 2010 ...7th Jan 2013
Almost 16,000 electric or plug-in hybrids sold in California since March 2010

Portland to New York by Model S via AZ, LA and VA ...4th Jan 2013 / 31st Dec 2012
Adventurous Trio is Driving an Electric Model S from Portland to New York City

Day 8 12/31/12 — Race to the Party!

Volt sales triple, accumulate 117 million EV miles driven ...4th Jan 2013
Chevy Volt sales triple in year of paradoxes for electric cars

Over 9,000 MW of coal-fired power retired in US in 2012 ...4th Jan 2013
U.S. coal-fired power plant retirements top 9,000 MW in 2012

In the USA, about 53,000 plug-ins were sold in 2012, compared to about 17,500 in 2011 ...3rd Jan 2012
U.S. Plug-In Vehicle Sales Tripled in 2012, U.K. Electric Car Sales to Double in 2013

HEV, EV and PHEV sales up 73% in 2012 ...28th Dec 2012
Electric and hybrid car sales jump 73% in 2012

More free fuel for Model S drivers ...27th Dec 2012
Tesla Superchargers on the East Coast

EV sales rising "steadily" ...26th Dec 2012
Electric car sales rising steadily

Sales of EVs double ...25th Dec 2012
Sales of electric cars double as new models come online

Source London delivers 1,300 Electric Vehicle charging points ...19th May 2013
Source London delivers 1,300 Electric Vehicle charging points

Toyota plans 6x increase in Li battery production ...19th May 2013
Toyota plans big hike in lithium ion battery output

100,000 plug-in vehicles on US roads ...17th May 2013
We're Counting - 100,000 Plug Ins - #PIA100K

Nearly 100% of new CA electricity to be solar in 2nd half of 2013 ...16th May 2013
Nearly 100% Of New California Electricity To Be Solar In 2H 2013

2013 Detroit auto show: Top 10 EVs ...24th Jan 2013
2013 Detroit auto show: Top 10 must-see electric vehicles

New Fuji Quick Charger ...24th Jan 2013
Fuji Electric Releases Newly Designed EV Charging Station DC Quick Charger Manufacturer Introduces a Slimmer, Sleeker Model

Maxim Group "U.S. deliveries [of EVs] passed 55,000 [in 2012]... forecast 130% growth year-over-year to over 127,000 in 2013... Tesla Model S securing a top-five ...24th Jan 2013
U.S. Electric-Vehicles Sales May Soar 130%

Vermont EV Registrations Increase by 57% in Q4 of 2012 ...23rd Jan 2013
Vermont Electric Vehicle Registrations Increase by 57% in Final Quarter of 2012

Honda Accord Plug-In Hybrid now available ...21st Jan 2013
115 MPGe Honda Accord Plug-In Hybrid, Most Fuel-Efficient Sedan in America, Now Available at Select New York and California Dealerships

SolarBuzz: "in several markets... PV can already meet peak power pricing ...11th Jan 2013
US Solar LCOE Edging Closer to Retail Rates

Ontario will have shut down 17 of 19 coal units by the end of 2013 and all by the end of 2014 ...10th Jan 2013
Cleaner Air and More Green Space for Ontarians to Enjoy

New solar power installations in Germany hit a record high last year ...5th Jan 2013
German Solar Power Installations at Record High in 2012

In Norway, more LEAFs than the US, the most European Model S orders and EVs reach 5.2% of vehicle sales ...4th Jan 2013
Why Electric Vehicles Are More Popular in Norway than Anywhere Else

35 million buildings may go solar and produce power for less $ than the utility (that's ~10% of the US). ...4th Jan 2013
Is Your Utility Ready? New Report Says Local Solar Could Power 10% of Country in 10 Years

German solar installations reach 7,274 MW for first 11 months of 2012 - more than double target. ...3rd Jan 2013
German Solar Installations Outpaced Government Targets Last Year

Even the most land-use efficient biomass-based pathway... requires 29 times more land than the PV-based alternative in the same locations. ...26th Dec 2012
Spatially-Explicit Life Cycle Assessment of Sun-to-Wheels Transportation Pathways in the U.S.

EV roaming by IBM is part of Europe-wide EV charging network by 2015 ...21st Dec 2012
IBM links EV charging networks across Europe

Germany: 35 percent renewable by 2020. Target of 80 percent renewable by 2050 ...14th Nov 2012
Germany Has Built Clean Energy Economy U.S. Rejected in 80s

German PV plants peaked at 22 gigawatts yielding almost half the country's mid-day electricity needs ...30th May 2012
Germany sets weekend record for solar power

UK installs nationwide network of electric car charging stations run on 100% renewable energy ...3rd Feb 2012
Phase One of UK's Nationwide Electric Car Charging Network Complete